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Stephanie Hamel

Owner of Studio Bfit

 PT & Group Instructor +

Boxing Coach

Massage Therapist

Former Canadian Boxing Champion and current fitness guru, Stephanie decided to hang up her gloves and channel her passion for fitness, health and wellness into helping others realize their potential.

As a sports massage therapist, Stephanie is able to deliver safe, injury-free training sessions.  She can help you rehabilitate old injuries as you get back into shape.

She will push you to your limits and keep you motivated.

Certified Personnal and Group Trainer (since 2008)

Certified Boxing Instructor (since 2008)

Certified Massage Therapist - specializes in Sport Massage (since 2004)

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Melissa Archambault

Certified PT and Group Instructor

Boxing instructor level 2

Melissa has 12 years of experience as a Group Classes instructor and 5 years in Personal Training.

Known for her discipline, her devotion and her passion for training, Melissa will keep you  motivated and guide clients to train towards their physical fitness goals, which includes losing weight, build muscle, increase core strength, or improve cardiovascular.

Her energy is contagious and she will stimulate you along your workout. 

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Francy NTetu

Boxing Coach

 Personal Trainer + Group Boxing Instructor

3x Canadian Amateur Boxing Champion + 23 Professional Fights 


With his backgroud of over 150 Amateur fights, including being named 3x Canadian champion, 23 professional fights, a bachelor's degree in physical education, Francy is the ideal trainer to help you challenge yourself and to achieve your goals.


With all his years of experience and his professionalism, he is able to listen to your needs, keep you motivated and not only to develop your full potential but also to feel good mentally and physically.

Bachelor Degree in Physical Education 2009

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Syndey June
Certified PT, Group and Online Instructor

Sydney is a Certificied personal trainer taking on the fitness industry with an approach that prioritizes not only healing the body but also the mind.  Incorporating her passion for helping people, Sydney offers a unique experience building strong connections with her clients and reinforcing mindset techniques.

Working with clients to turn their intensions in to daily practices, is what Sydney strives for.  She values determination, discipline and hard work - always holding clients accountable.  Working with Sydney you can expect to push yourself in a positive environment.


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Meagan Dery

Athletic Therapist

As an Athletic Therapist, Meagan use her knowledge and expertise to assess and treat musculoskeletal injuries, develop individualized treatment plans.

Meagan also works in collaboration with other healthcare professionals to ensure a coordinated and effective approach to injury management and to educate clients on injury prevention and safe physical activity practices.

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Jessica Punksi

As a very high energy trainer, Jess strives to make each workout session fun and exciting while simultaneously challenging her clients, creating new limits and continuously ensuring they crush each goal.

Jess wants to work with clients to promote creating and loving a healthy lifestyle, both physically and mentally.

She strongly values effort, growth and discipline.

She likes to work side by side with clients to push their limits, expand their comfort zone while loving each moment of their journey.

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